Online Digital Photo Printing Services

Online digital photo printing is a technique used to develop digital photos into prints via the medium of the internet. Online digital photo printing services offer you quick, low cost, high quality printing solutions, whether from traditional APS film or from digital cameras. It is an economic way to make printed photos sharp and vibrant. There are numerous providers that offer online digital photo printing services at affordable prices. Ordering online digital photo printing services is very easy, and most of the companies request you to email them the digital photos, on which they make the necessary corrections and modifications and then print them in the required formats.

Most of the companies utilize the services of highly skilled artists to print excellent quality images in bright colors, shapes, sizes and styles of your choice. If you want to add special messages on your prints, you can have them incorporated in attractive fonts and styles. In the digital photo printing field, various service options are available to meet the printing requirements of major retail groups, marketing agencies, museums, galleries, architects, designers, consultancies, tradeshow organizers and charities. One of the major advantages of online photo printing is that you can save money.

Digital printing can be done on vinyl and many other materials and fabrics in vibrant colors and shades. With colorful digital prints, you can add an archetypal style to your homes. The paper used for digital photo printing ranges from costly glossy paper to non-glare papers. Most of the online photo printing stores offer a countless range of digital photo printing services including business head printing, business card printing, brochure printing, poster printing, banner printing, catalog printing, flyer printing and more. By utilizing these services, the original beauty of the prints can be maintained as such for long years.

Should You Print Your Digital Photos at Home or Use a Photo Printing Service?

There are lots of options available for getting your digital photos printed, but which method is the best and most economical choice for you? Let’s look at some of the options and the pros and cons of each.


Convenience and instant gratification are two popular reasons for printing your digital photos at home. Depending on your printer, you can print directly from your camera or from your memory card in most cases. Or if you want to touch up your photos first you can copy them to your computer, use your photo editing software (I like Photoshop Elements 3.0) to enhance your images, and then print right from your graphics program. You don’t have to make an extra stop to drop off your photo memory card at the photofinisher or drugstore and then return to pick up your prints, and you save the shipping fees the online photo services charge.

However, printing your photos on your home printer may be more expensive than you realized. The per-print price can approach $1 per picture when you factor in the cost of buying a photo printer, high quality photo paper and lots of color ink cartridges. If you print a lot of photos you’ll go through ink cartridges and paper rather quickly, which gets expensive, especially if you make mistakes and have to reprint. If you use inexpensive or off-brand paper, you will likely find that your photos may start to fade or discolor within a few months. According to industry experts, if you print at home, use the same brand name paper as your printer manufacturer (i.e. if you have a Canon printer, use Canon photo paper). Your prints will be better quality and last longer.


Online digital photofinishers like Ofoto and the new PhotoWorks make the process of printing your photos very easy. You can edit your photos either using your own photo editing software or download free software from the online line printing service to crop, fix red-eye, and add special effects or borders to your images. Then simply select the images you want to print, click to upload to the photo site, and you will receive your order, printed on high quality photo paper, in your mailbox in approx. 2-5 days. In addition to prints you can order customized photo calendars, photo cards, photo books, mugs, and other photo items. With some online services, like Shutterfly, you can even try out and order frames for your photos.

The downside: you do pay a shipping charge, so you may want to wait and order a number of photos or photo products at one time to make it more economical. Print costs for 4×6 inch photos range from about 19 cents to 29 cents, depending on the company.’s prints are inexpensive and the bonus is you can upload your photos to their website and then pick them up at your local store and avoid shipping charges. Photo stores like or are also good options because you can either upload your photos to their website and pick them up at a local store in as little as an hour, or you can drop off your memory card at the store and pick up your prints later.


Digital printing is now available at drugstore chains such as Walgreens and Longs. You can bring in your memory stick and use their photo kiosk to crop and edit your images and then print them. The cost is about the same as an online printing service, but you have to stand there at the kiosk and edit/upload your photos. Not something I really want to do, nor do I want to wait in line while someone else finishes their photo order. The good news is these drugstores also offer online photo services so you can upload your photos to their website and you can pick up your prints at their store usually the next day.

The other option is you can drop off your memory card or CD at the drugstore’s photo department and pick up your prints anywhere from an hour later to a day later, depending on the service selected, just like the “old days” of 35mm film. The print cost is about the same as full service online photo finishers (less the shipping fee). There are frequent sales, so the per-print cost can be relatively low if you hit a sale, but you don’t have the option of cropping or enhancing your images unless you edit your photos then burn them to a CD first.

My suggestion is to experiment with several methods and find the best one that works for you. Whatever you do, don’t just let all those digital photos pile up in your memory card or on your computer, get them printed so you can show them off. Of course you can also share them online with family and friends, but that’s another article.

Top Reasons For Choosing Online Photo Printing

Printing photographs these days is not just a personal preference. There are many reasons why individuals and companies choose to print their photographs somewhere else, aside from their own home or office printer.

Looking back, photos are developed in labs wherein chemicals are used in darkrooms. The specialized paper is dipped in basins of varying chemical compounds to produce the images you took and stored onto the film. Even if this old-school process exists today, many are still requiring the advantages of online photo printing.

For starters, you can print your photos on almost any possible promotional item. You can have your photographs printed on shirts, stationeries, mugs, and other items you can use in promoting your business. Many advertising firms found digital photo printing quite useful in their business since it is more economical than other means.

Another reason to choose online photography printing is the savings you can get. If you are an individual who seldom uses his printer at home, it is best to pay for services outside your home or online, rather than buying colored ink and photo paper. You can also save further if you order prints by the bulk, so better check the online printing services for their latest offers.

If you are busy and cannot stop by at the printing shop, then, sit back and relax. You can always access your online account to print the photographs you like. Whether you are on a lunch break in your office, or at home prepping dinner, you can easily choose the photos you like and order prints with a few clicks of your mouse.

Next to this is the fast turn-around time. Most online photo printing shops offer less than 5 days of processing, depending on the number of prints you ordered and your location. Make sure to check if the online print shop has a large coverage area and distribution points to ensure timely delivery.

One of the reasons why many folks go for online photo prints is the selection of materials. You can choose from plain photo paper to large canvass prints. Other shops also offer metal printing, artistic print options, as well as a variety of finish.

As they say, the more options to choose from, the better. But make sure to check the variety of services and fees when searching for online photo printing shops. Compare the services and savings before placing your order.